Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pyramid Brewing Co: Amber-Weizen

FAT TIRE WENT AND GOT YOUR FAVORITE HEF PREGNANT, and this is the result. Pyramid's latest creation (it still says "new" on the label) attempts to take unfiltered wheat beer and give it a fuller body and bolder taste. The resulting creation bears elements of both its parents; I thought that it tasted predominantly like an amber ale, though its a bit lighter and certainly less bitter than, say, a Fat Tire. I also thought it had the wheaty after-taste of your traditional Hefs and other wheat beers. Those that like amber ales for their boldness and couldn't stand to see any of that sacrificed will probably be a little disappointed, though in my estimation, the Amber-Weizen is a bit more drinkable, especially on a hot summer day.

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Mattie said...

This history behind 801 on tap:
Actual email by Hof on 7/30/07

"I had an idea...

I was standing in Safeway the other day pondering what sort of beer I wanted to keep on hand around the house. I was in the mood for an amber ale, and I was deliberating between Fat Tire and this new beer called "Amber-Weizen" that Pyramid has just put out. The Amber-Weizen sounded appealing, but I was afraid to sink 8 bucks into a 6 pack of something mediocre. The thought crossed my mind "I wonder if any of the haus guys have tried this."

A few hours later is when I had the idea to start up some sort of web-based forum where we could actually make a note of new beers we tried and say whether we thought they were good or not. I figured that since, lets face it, BEER was one of the things that brought us together at SCU on so many occaisions, we might as well make it a feature of something we can use to keep in touch. So for anyone who cares, is now up and running and in a few minutes I'll be inviting you all to start posting. I think it'd be pretty cool if everyone posted a new brew every now and again. Give it some time and we could have a pretty impressive database of microbrews.

That way should we ever have the need or opportunity to launch another lockdown, we'll have quite the list to pick from."