Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Anheuscher-Busch: Natural "Natty" Light

Despite the similarity to the author's name, you needn't be psychopharmacologically enhanced to enjoy this time honored classic. Officially billed as a "sub-premium" beer by the marketing crack-squad at Anheuser-Busch (yes, they really said this during the factory tour), Natural Light is a cold (when properly chilled) refreshing lager that's certain to leave you wanting more--although that's usually irrelevant, because you'll probably find yourself drinking more regardless of whether or not you want it.

Optimized for high-volume, high-velocity drinking, Natty Light is a staple in almost any game of Beirut, king's cup, flip cup, 7-11-dubs (a.k.a. "Jerry's Kids"), pyramid, fuck the dealer, crimson pyramid or just plain shotgunning. Let's face it, when you're on your 10th beer of the evening, the very last thing you want is to be tasting beers one through nine. And with a price tag of 3.4 cents per ounce, there's no need for tears if your uncoordinated, belligerent Beirut partner knocks over a few cups in a valiant attempt to block a bounce (which was likely just the balls being returned on a balls back anyway).

Although KennyNC from ranks Natural Light as his nineteenth favorite beer, with his eighteenth being "Dying of Thirst", I surmise that he has not played many drinking games in his life. Online beer reviewer Brad007 at says: "If you like your beers to go down easy and taste like nothing, this beer's for you." Well put, Brad007. And, after enough of Anheuscher-Busch's Natural Light, hopefully the same can be said of our women. Or something like that...

So come join us in Nattyville--where the kegs are cheap, peer pressure abounds, and severe drunkenness is always just a few games away!

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ero said...

I feel that your review is further validated by such prestigious individuals such as "KennyNC" and "Brad007." Bravo!

Light, you should try Caguama. Similar price to Natty, but tastes more like Corona. Also seems to sneak up on you after the 8th or 9th beer. Nick should be posting a review some time.