Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lagunitas Brewing Co: Maximus

Once every few weeks, while out traversing our great nation's Eastern seaboard, I get a sharp and desperate urge for a taste of home. Sometimes it's home-style Mexican food, sometimes it's a Tommy's Chilicheeseburger (with milk!). But nothing puts me in my place like a bottle of Lagunitas Maximus. Previously only available during the spring and summer months, it's now under 'unlimited release.' To those of you unfamiliar with bottling terminology, means MORE FOR ME.

So instead of the normal review, I've written a sonnet in honor of this stupendous occasion.

Oh Lagunitas you know me so well
But your Maximus brew knows me the best.
While the green cap at your top rings a bell
In my head, which reminds me of the west.

From your cloudy yet defined orange pour
To the sweet aroma that fills my nose.
Your brown bottle bounds from the liquor store,
And your label makes me take off my clothes.

Together we romp through wide fields of hops.
Your citrus aftertaste tickles my tongue.
But the real reason I give you such props:
You deflower'd my senses very young.

Lest my speech doth become slightly less slurred,
I'll drink your brother, Arrogant Bastard.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sudwerk Restaurant and Brewery: Xtra Pale Ale

So I figured I hit you local again.

Davis, CA actually has its own brewery. And it's quite good. It's a German style restaurant and brewery and its rather authentic with the beer choices. Sudwerk (pronouced Sud-works by the locals)

Their "big 5" beers are Doppel Bock, Hefeweizen, Helles, Marzen, and Pilsner.
These beers can be purchased at BevMo and most upper Northern California Safeways.

Sudwerk also has an incredible selection of seasonal beers. Which can be drank fro the tap at the brewery. Some I've seen are Maibock, Dunkle, Dunkleweizen, IPA, Helles, and Xtra Pale Ale.
What is also pretty awesome about the place is they have all the cool german beer glasses including the monster stines that you see at the beergardens. It's really just a fun place overall.

Before I get to the review, I also have to mention the food is excellent of a brew pub. The food, is not German authuentic like the beers, but good quality American pub food. Burgers, Ribs, Onion rings, Buffalo wings, ect.
I highly recommend a visit. Other noteable trips include dollar beer night, live music, and local sports on the bar TVs.

The xtra pale ale is quite delicious. I didn't talk to any brewmaster about it and the seasonal beers don't have descriptions on the menu so I cannot give you any technical advice on its brewing.
However, it is a lovely looking ale with a golden bottom and orange-ish base when settled. It is of course rather bitter and lives up to its "extra" status. (Note: I have no idea why the company dropped the 'e') The bitterness doesn't stick around for the aftertaste thus giving you what you want in the sip but receding quickly leaving you refreshed. The hops taste more "Cascadian" than "Sierra" and thus reminded me of many local Seattle brews. It tastes exactly like a beer from home, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Overall, pretty good. Cheers