Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lagunitas Brewing Co: Maximus

Once every few weeks, while out traversing our great nation's Eastern seaboard, I get a sharp and desperate urge for a taste of home. Sometimes it's home-style Mexican food, sometimes it's a Tommy's Chilicheeseburger (with milk!). But nothing puts me in my place like a bottle of Lagunitas Maximus. Previously only available during the spring and summer months, it's now under 'unlimited release.' To those of you unfamiliar with bottling terminology, means MORE FOR ME.

So instead of the normal review, I've written a sonnet in honor of this stupendous occasion.

Oh Lagunitas you know me so well
But your Maximus brew knows me the best.
While the green cap at your top rings a bell
In my head, which reminds me of the west.

From your cloudy yet defined orange pour
To the sweet aroma that fills my nose.
Your brown bottle bounds from the liquor store,
And your label makes me take off my clothes.

Together we romp through wide fields of hops.
Your citrus aftertaste tickles my tongue.
But the real reason I give you such props:
You deflower'd my senses very young.

Lest my speech doth become slightly less slurred,
I'll drink your brother, Arrogant Bastard.


Mattie said...

Dude. I was gonna make my next post on Lagunitas "Kill Ugly Radio". You beat me to the joy that is Lagunitas.
As you know, I like having relatively cheap hobbies. So I've decided to switch up from my collection of shot glasses to pint glasses. Seeing how I tend to drink less and less shots these days.
Although nowhere near Al's collection, my latests purchase was a "beer speaks people mumble" pint. Although, I prefer the IPA and Pils, I'll cheer with a Maximus in that glass anytime.

ero said...

dude. i have one as well! there was a lagunitas festival at a bar back in pasadena, and pint glasses came with the beer. plus if you brought back the glass you got $2, and i really took advantage of that.

how's kill ugly radio? haven't heard of it. post a review!