Monday, October 1, 2007

Pyramid Brewing Co: Crystal Weizen

After a day of walking around Emeryville's huge dog park on the water, my parents and I decided a beer from Pyramid was the best way to relax. I'm usually up to speed on Pyramid's flagship brews, which is why I was surprised to find a beer on the menu titled Crystal Weizen.

The description of the beer was that it had the heart of Pyramid's Hefeweizen, but was filtered. When the beer got to the table, it looked like a common ale, since it didn't have the normal cloudiness of a normal Hefeweizen. The taste, however, was clearly that of a Hef, just smoother and less filling. A less tactful beer drinker might have called it a "Hefeweizen light". Not I, I say.

I paired it with a Margharita pizza made on a Hefeweizen crust - all in all a fantastic meal. I've placed the beer in my top 3 from Pyramid along with the traditional Hefeweizen and their seasonal Snow Cap Ale, which apparently is arriving soon.

Pyramid anyone?


Mattie said...

Hof and I shared a six pack of Pyramid's "new" Broken Rake Amber Ale on Friday. (Which used to be on tap at Pyramid's Seattle location.) My guess it that PBC is taking its classic draft beers, previously only served at the resturant locations, and bottling them. Also evidenced by the Amber Weizen, Imperial Hef, and the Apricot Ale. (Which weren't bottled until a few years ago) I wouldn't be surprised if the Crystal Weizen comes out in 'short necks' sometime soon. I'll be on the look out, thx Maxwell

Mattie said...

I love when I'm right. Especially about good beer. Maxwell, be on the lookout for Crystal Weizen in bottles, like I predicted:

Megan said...
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