Saturday, October 6, 2007

Anderson Valley Brewing Co.: Hop Ottin' IPA

I was introduced to Anderson Valley after moving up to Davis. It's very popular in upper Northern California. The "Boont Amber Ale" is their flagship beer. Boont Amber and their "Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout" can be found at most northern California Safeways and bars. I just never really noticed it before. My dad and I split a 12er at Christmas of the amber cause my dad likes unique ambers (i.e. Alaskan, Fat Tire) but I couldn't even begin to write a post on it cause its tastes are everywhere. AVBC makes a ton of other beers (just look for the half bear-half deer creature on the label). I decided to go with the IPA for the review. I would recommend any of their brews. Warning though: the company is pretty weird. All their bottle caps promote how their brewery uses only solar power energy, also each cap has strange like Snapple facts after you crack 'em open, and the labels use obscure lingo.

The first and most prominent feature is the head on this beer (if you are pouring into a glass) Doesn't matter how you pour it, you get a thick spongy, styrofoamy yellowy head. Nice and thick. It'll dissipate after a little bit but some of the thickness will stick with you. The foam acts like a ship ballasting comfortably on a dark sea. You can sip the beer right out from underneath it.

The wave to the mouth is a nice dark orangish color. This beer is very hoppy. I was very surprised. Because it's alcohol content is right at 7% so its still technically a IPA and not a double. But they push the threshold. I'm very impressed with their hopping, cause it's more hoppy than some imperials you'll pick up. Despite it's intense hoppiness, which can be bitter at times, the flow down the throat is surprisingly smooth. This is due to the dark malty flavors dispersed throughout the body. Very well balanced taste despite the massive hops.

Overall; weird company, tasty beer.

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Hof said...

I've had the Boont Amber. I thought it was pretty good. Not very hoppy for an amber, but a very pleasant flavor nonetheless.