Sunday, October 7, 2007

Brooklyn Brewery: Brown Ale

I usually go for really hoppy beers: Pales, IPAs, Czech Pilsners. But for whatever reason Brooklyn Brown is my new ale-of-the-moment.

Beers are usually described as either "hoppy" or "malty." If you want to know what malty tastes like, grab a Brooklyn. It has a smooth flavor that rolls over your tongue with caramel and nutty elements. It's also much more satisfying than Newcastle Brown Ale (the first other brown ale to come to mind), having a much fuller and bolder flavor. In fact, Brooklyn is so bold and dark for a brown ale that at first you might mistake the taste for that of a porter. But the taste is much smoother, and in my opinion, much more satisfying.

I owe Rojas credit for introducing this beer to me, and I suspect that as fall wears on in New England and temperatures begin to fall it will become more and more appealing for him (as well as I). It's definitely more of a wintery ale (it's Pyramid analogue would be Snowcap, though Snowcap is much stronger and much less smooth.)

The benefit of a beer as full bodied and full flavored as Brooklyn is that you can serve it right along just about any sort of food without worrying that you'll miss some of the flavors. Go ahead and serve it up alongside the boldest steak, burger, or burrito you can find.

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ero said...

i'm a pretty big fan of brooklyn brewery's beers in general. when i lived in new york, the brooklyn lager was a standby. their IPA is pretty damn good as well.

they also have a white beer floating around which was phenomenal. i haven't been able to find it anywhere, but i got to sample it at the brewery in williamsburg. it's totally worth the trip if you ever find yourself in brooklyn on a saturday afternoon, for both the beer, and the awesomeness of their indoor beer garden.