Thursday, October 4, 2007

Lagunitas Brewing Co: Kill Ugly Radio


That's the last printed sentence on the bottle's label.
And that's the last sentence you'll mumble after finishing this beer.

Kill Ugly Radio is an IPA similar to the Maximus Rojazz posted on earlier. But since I was gonna do it anyway, and Rojas made a follow up request, here we go:

Technically, Kill Ugly Radio is a double IPA or imperial IPA since it's over 7% alcohol (7.8%) but it by no means has that alcohol flavor you get from 9% beers. Which is doubly cool with the fact you can get it at most northern CA safeways for cheap and it will be more than an apt pre preparty and still taste delicious.

The color is a light pumpkin organish and fits into what you'd expect color-wise for most double IPAs. The most overwhelming taste is grapefruit citrus, I kid you not. Thus making this Lagunitas distinct from the Maximus, pale ale, and the traditional IPA. And obviously there is a ton of hops.

While in the midst first sip, I thought to myself 'this beer is amazing'. I pondered why all beers didn't taste like that. Kill Ugly Radio only comes in 22oz bottles, and on further drinking I backed off from my initial reaction. Still spectacular beer, but didn't keep up its initial shock value. Also, I thought they could have carbonated it a little less. That kept me from ranking it super high. But that could be my bias towards cask conditioned ales speaking. Unfortunately its a limited release that only comes in 22s.

Also what's kinda cool is that the beer label is the old record cover of a Frank Zappa Album. Which you don't see that often. This beer is the second in a series of tributes to FZ (I missed the first). Although not the biggest fan of his music, the idea of getting his family trust to allow Lagunitas to use an album cover for a beer label is pretty sweet.

Anyway, Beer Speaks, People Mumble. Dirnk Lagunitas. No matter what brew you grab it'll be good. Word.

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