Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Flying Dog: Snake Dog IPA

I wasn't going to do another Flying Dog post quite so soon, but when I got home today I was itching for a beer, and when I opened the fridge my eyes couldn't help but fix on the bright orange and strangely decorated label for Flying Dog's version of the IPA. So I grabbed it, poured it out, and dove in. Here's how it goes.

I'm not generally a huge advocate for IPAs. I like Pale Ales generally, but I find that a lot of IPAs are hoppy to the point hiding the rest of the flavor (maybe I just don't have discerning tastebuds). But for pale-o-philes like myself, Snake Dog may be the perfect sort of IPA. It's much less hoppy than a lot of other IPAs, though still noticeably hoppier than a straight up pale ale. It pours to a pleasant light-amber flavor with a thick head that dissipates quickly. The taste is a sweet-citrusy-leafy-hoppiness (if you can imagine that). It's got a subtle sweetness that slowly fades, though never quite vanishes, to the hops as the beer rolls over your tongue.

The taste is definitely more summery than most of the brews I've had recently. Now if only the weather outside would warm to match...

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