Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Harpoon Brewery: IPA

Just got back from my annual vacation out east. Of course while on holiday, I have to relax. And what great way to relax than to enjoy a few drinks.

Since I don't spend more than a week in Massachusetts every year, I always try to sample some beers I've never tried. All the way out in California it can be difficult to get your hands on and taste the selection from the other coast.

This summer I drank a bunch of Harpoon ales. Brewed in Boston, Mass Harpoon can be found in most shops and liquor stores. I found myself reaching for Harpoon's IPA. Always hot, humid, and buggy out on Cape Cod its nice to have a cold and refreshing brew.

Now normally I wouldn't call any IPA refreshing. Most are so bitter and hoppy that they are closer to a meal than a drink. But Harpoon's IPA is still satisfying on a muggy day if served cold. While it has the head and hoppy smell of most hearty India Pale Ales, the mouthfeel and taste was quite light and even a touch citrusy for an IPA.

If you want an ale that has plenty of taste and will also help you stay cool I would recommend Harpoon's IPA. If you pour it in a double lined glass to prevent sweating it can be a great summer brew. If you don't believe me, try it for yourself. Cheers.

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