Wednesday, September 17, 2008

BridgePort Brewing Co: India Pale Ale

So I finished (with the help of friends) drinking my second home-brewed batch of beer. Very soon I'm going to start up the process of making my third batch. In tribute of this fine style of beer creation, I picked up a six pack of 'authentic bottle conditioned' beer.

You can't miss BridgePort's prominent advertising of their bottle conditioning: right on the neck of each individual bottle. (Click picture to right). After a full pour into a pint glass you also can't miss the syrupy yeast mixture left behind at the bottom of the empty bottle. So BridgePort isn't kidding, this micro-brewery is carbonating their beer the same way I carbonate mine; in the bottle.

As for the taste, overall a pretty good beer. For an IPA it's not nearly as hoppy as you would expect from a West Coast India Pale Ale. Due to it's mild hoppiness other flavors have the chance to emerge. There are noticeable citrus and bread flavors that round out this ale.

While finishing, the brew leaves a thick smear of lacing all the way down the glass. It's quite beautiful. It really get me ready to start brewing again. Cheers.

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