Sunday, May 3, 2009

Southampton Publick House: Double White Ale

I had this beer a few days ago when the weather was still nice, and I've been meaning to get a post up. Despite its name, Southampton is not just a brew pub--they're a full scale craft brewery shipping beers all around the Mid-Atlantic region. The idea of a double white ale particularly intrigued me. Wits are generally so mild; I didn't really have any clue what a double would taste like.

The answer is oranges. As my friend remarked after taking a sip, it's as if instead of putting a slice of orange on the rim a la Blue Moon, they just squeezed an entire orange directly into the glass. So be ready for a very sweet, very citric beer. Fortunately, the sweetness is tempered by a hefty dose of coriander and some cloves. Having doubled up on the fruit and the spices, an increased ABV would be only too appropriate, though at 7% it's not going to knock you on your ass. Despite all this, the beer is pretty light bodied, and as a result it manages to pull off a crisp finish.

It's a unique offering, to be sure. I couldn't really make up my mind how much I liked it, nor could I figure out what the appropriate occaision is for this brew. Is it a best suited for the heat of summer or a cool spring day? Would it go well with a meal or is it more of an after-dinner beer? Will girls like the increased sweetness or be put off by the bolder flavors?

Unfortunately, I'm in the midst of finals and don't have the time to ponder the subtleties of beer. Somebody else give it a try and report back.

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Mattie said...

It even looks lighter and has more of an orange hue than the typical witbier.