Friday, October 30, 2009

North Coast Brewing Co.: Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout

It's been dropping into the 40s at night. While that's not really all that cold for Philadelphia, for a thin-blooded Californian, it's definitely chillier than I'd like. So for me, it's officially open season on porters and stouts.

North Coast has put together a pretty solid brew here. It definitely tends toward the sweeter end of the taste-scale, but there's enough hops in there to keep the sweetness from becoming unpleasant and which come through strong in the finish. A smoky malt taste persists throughout the whole drinking experience as well. Between the intense flavors and the thick mouthfeel, this is a beer that really does a number on your tastebuds. But if you're a fan of stouts, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

This is definitely a quality brew. I don't think I like it quite as much as Stone's or Lagunitas's versions, but that's not to say that North Coast didn't do a fine job on this one. And Rasputin has the distinct advantage of being available in six-pack form. So if you're looking for a quality imperial stout but don't feel like plowing through a 22 oz bomber, Rasputin is your man.


Beer Drinker said...

Hey Hof. Where the hell have you and Mattie been? Old Rasputin is one of my favorites, as is North Coast Brewing in general. They have several kick-ass beers.

Don't be such a wuss with the weather, although my Northeast ass is no longer used to the cold as I've been in Florida for 9 years.

Mattie said...

Hey Beer Drinker, don't lump me in with Hof! I've been drinking Old Rasputin since North Coast started distributing them in 4-packs. Hof's just a little slow on the uptake sometimes. Cheers to all.