Friday, November 20, 2009

The Lost Abbey: Judgment Day

I really couldn't have found a more appropriate beer for this auspicious day.

Lost Abbey is a California brewery specializing in Belgian-style brews. As
with so many breweries, I've been meaning to try one of their brews for a while. Judgment Day is definitely one of the most taste-overloaded beers I've ever had. It's got a lot of dark fruit flavors as well as a lot of spiciness
to it too. It's a dark beer--so there's a certain amount of that smoky-sweetness you expect from dark beers, but it's got a pretty light body and a lot of carbonation, so it's not really a very heavy beer.

In sum, this is the kind of beer that is really interesting for a couple sips, but which is so overpowering that you kind of get sick of it by the end of your first glass. It's nothing to sneer at, but since I'm already pretty picky when it comes to belgian-style brews, I don't know that I'll be seeking it out in the future.


Beer Drinker said...

I begged Lost Abbey to start their distribution Eastward just yesterday. I hope they comply so I don't need to have to employ my coworkers to pack a few for the trip home to Florida!

KillJoy said...
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Kevin LaMar said...

Lost Abbey Wine sized bottles are usually best shared anyway. There are a few easier beers to have more than one glass of though. Red Barn Ale is a great example of one.