Friday, September 24, 2010

Grimbergen: Double Ale

While the posts are getting less frequent, if you remember, I have a few habits associated with this blog. And they are not just drinking and writing about tasty beer. One routine I try to keep is to sample at least two beers from the same brewery. My philosophy on this, is I'm not just enjoying a specific beer, but I'm enjoying the craft of a brewery. While some breweries have one or two good beers, others run out a whole host of quality selections. And I like to know this.

As you may recall, my last beer sampling trip to the liquor store, I had a hankering for a blond ale and tried out Grimbergen's take on this style of beer. I also snagged a single Grimbergen Double Ale (side note - gotta love liquor stores that allow you to buy single beers).
Why? Because I wanted to give the brewery of N.V. BR. Alken-Maes, located just north of Brussels a shot. I know nothing of this brewery and have only been to Brussels once. The likelihood of me sampling beers from this brewery again, or even remembering it's consonante filled name, is small but I felt necessary to give these Belgian monks a fair shake. So here's the review of number two: Grimbergen's Double Ale. This is dark throughout with light brown on the edges where the light can penetrate through. After pouring, again into improper stemware, the brew is mighty bubbly and the 11.2oz of liquid almost overtakes the 16 oz glass. However, the head dissipates and this double is not nearly as carbonated as the blonde. The smell isn't the most appetizing and has aromas of strong prunes. Working through the strong odor, the taste is very smooth with molasses and brandy flavors. For being a double and 6.5% abv, its very drinkable and I think mild enough for even causal drinkers. The taste lingers on the tongue a bit giving a couple of additional dark fruit flavors rounding out a rather tasty beverage. If not for the somewhat unpleasant smell this would an overall good beer.

So I did enjoy both Grimbergen's blonde and double. While not my favorite beers in the world (or Belgium), both are pretty solid. Realizing the incredibly small chance that anyone asks if I have an opinion on N.V. BR. Alken-Maes brewery in Belgium, I'll be able to confidentially say - pretty good. Cheers.

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