Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rogue: Kells Irish Style Lager

As promised here is another Rogue beer for review. This time I went with Rogue's Irish Style Lager. This is a pale lager that has a distinct taste. Generally, for reviewing purposes I find it helpful to think of what the beer tastes like and find a mental comparison to a similar beer that I've had in the past to help hone in on flavors. The problem with that method of detection is that some beers don't compare to any others of like kind. I find that Rogue's lager is one of those unique beers. The only thing this brew reminds me of, is the other times that I've drank Kells Irish Style Lager. Most American lagers are pretty thin and flavorless and thus finding a richer lager defies comparison.

Luckily, one of the cool features that Rogue implements on its packaging is imprinting the ingredients and characteristics. For example, this lager contains "great western pale, crystal-15, wheat and acidulated malts; sterling hops, free range coastal waters & czech pils yeast." In addition this beer exhibits "12° plato (gravity), 28 ibu (international bitter units), 75 AA (attenuation), 9.80 L (Lovibond). While all of that doesn't necessarily give you a whole lot besides knowing that this lager isn't that bitter, Rogue also gives you a description "smooth mellow flavor with an apple crisp finish." And not surprisingly, Rogue is spot on. I would say that this lager is surprisingly tart. Hints of sour apple tart are present and complement the honey malt flavors. With the touch of bitterness the lager has a full flavor.

Even though this is a full bodied lager, it's still a lighter brew. That being said, this beer is not tasteless as many American style lagers. Maybe that's why Rogue adds the 'Irish style tag' to this beer's name. While I've never been to Ireland, I hope to go someday. And maybe if I grab a lager across the pond it'll remind me of Rogue's brew. Cheers.

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