Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rogue: Shakespeare Stout

As you've probably noticed from prior posts Hof is a huge fan of Rogue Ales Brewery. Despite the fact that I have yet to review one of their beers, I too love Rogue beer. In fact I finally made my love official by joining the Rogue Nation (see membership card to right).

The Rogue Nation is nothing more than a declaration of drinking good beer and enjoying the experience. Those are ideas I can get behind of. In the spirit of my new citizenship I've purchased a lot of Rogue of late (another review to come soon).
One of my favorite Rogue ales is their Shakespeare stout. Ideally Hof should have reviewed this literary titled brew as he was an English major and has read far more Shakespeare than me. So while I can't make as many references to famous soliloquies or clever iambic pentameter as Hof, I have spent just as much time downing Rogue beers.

So onto the brew: First as you can see this is a beauty of an American stout. A very dark hue with a thick persistent spongy brown head. I wouldn't been surprised if I found some malted barley hidden within the foam because this ale has tons of toasted malt flavors. Many stouts have strong toasted malt flavors but this beer has more than pretty much any dark beer I've had that wasn't a porter. The roasted and toasted malt flavors are cut by a sharp acidic hop burst. Despite this citrus hops and roasted flavors the stout is actually very smooth. Which was sorta unexpected because of the powerful tastes.

The great look in the glass, rich flavors, and smooth taste make for a fine stout. So I clearly enjoyed this beer. Which makes me think I need to drink and review more Rogue beers. While Hof has a huge head start on Rogue reviews, I'm proud to say I took him to his first Rogue meeting hall. And now that I'm a citizen in the nation, I'll be taking him more often, as I new get discounts on Rogue pints. Booyah. Cheers.

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Hof said...

I'm going to hold you to that promise.

And given your review, I think the first brew I'll have will be a Shakespeare. How can I resist a beer in one of my favorite genres with a literary title?