Thursday, January 10, 2008

Anchor Brewing: Christmas Ale 2007

All I wanted for Christmas was beer. And I didn't need Santa's help; thanks to Anchor Brewing.

Anchor Brewing, the makers of the well known Anchor Steam beer, brew in the heart of San Francisco. This break I received a magnum of the Christmas Ale (see left) and then learned about this tasty beverage on a subsequent brewery tour with Ligthner.

Every year Anchor Brewing releases a new Christmas Ale (hence the year 2007 in the title of this post). Each time the brew has a different (and secret) recipe. Unlike most beers which have 3-4 ingredients I believe the tour guide mentioned this year's Christmas Ale had 37.

That being said, the Christmas Ale obviously has a very unique taste. Not surprisingly, the ale has a ton of spices and flavors. It's great for the winter season because it can hold its own with any heavy holiday dish or dessert. I myself tasted chocolate, cinnamon, and coffee throughout my consumption but there is obviously a lot more. It's one of the most unique beers on the market due to its incredible flavors. Eventhough the Christmas ale has tons of tastes, don't be shied away. It still tastes good and tastes like a beer (unlike many cherry, pumpkin, chili, rasberry, ect, ect flavored beer).

So be good in '08 and maybe next Christmas you'll receive a 6 packs or a magnum in your stocking. Or if your naughty, just schedule a brewery tour and drink as much as you please for free. Cheers.

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