Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lost Cost Brewery & Cafe: Great White

We all love sharing a beer with family and friends. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find a beer that the whole crew will love. Especially if that family or friend group is comprised of both men and women.

To generalize, most girls don't enjoy especially hoppy or malty beverages. Thus, ancient man invented the witbier (more commonly know as the Belgian White Ale). This style is lighter than most beers and is always refreshing. Girls love this stuff. It's not super heavy, has a lighter coloring, and most bartenders will add fruit to it without the purchaser even asking (think Blue Moon or Hoegaarden).

I know three things: Girls love witbiers (see above). I drink a lot of beer. And my girlfriend does too. So recently I have purchased a lot of Lost Coast's Great White because it's a beer we can both agree on. Great White has that Coriander flavor that girls enjoy but is also an unfiltered brew with bready and doughy flavors to provide enough taste for the male drinker. It actually reminds me more of New Belgium's Sunshine Wheat (an American Pale Wheat beer) than a witbier.

As Hofer mentioned, Lost Coast Brewing and Cafe is a California brewery that makes a lot of quality beers. For some reason Great White is their flagship beer. This could be because the beverage can cross gender barriers. Never know. However, with the recent invention of the 'build your own six pack' at World Market and City Beer, sharing a sixer with a chick is no longer a necessity. But if you are off to your local Northern California Safeway with a woman, may I recommend the Great White; you both won't be disappointed. Cheers

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