Thursday, January 31, 2008

Královský Pivovar Krušovice: Krušovice Imperial

Keeping with the foreign trend I bring to you Krušovice from the Czech Repblic. As beer drinkers know, the Czech people make killer Pilsners. Krušovice definitely fits into that class.

In Prague, Pat, Nick, Hof and I sampled the best of the best. And we all enjoyed Krušovice. But this is not a memory post. I drink Krušovice quite frequently. As Pat and Deidre can attest, Davis randomly has a Czech bar with both Krušovice Imperial and Krušovice Dark Lager on tap year round. Thus, the beer is also available as a result around town. It's quite wonderful.

Just to clarify the 'imperial' tag is not used in the American sense: this brew is not double alcohol content; its rests at the standard 5% amount by volume. That's just the name of their flagship pilsner.

As for the taste, the most prominent feature of this brew is the Saaz Hops flavors. It's the standard and oh so delicious hop taste you will find in any quality Czech pilsner. Powerful, clean, and crisp. I feel Krušovice sets itself apart from the other Czech beers for the shortness of this crisp taste. It's not an overpowering pils with very strong flavors and lingers on the palate. It's the hops you want but not much else. You can definitely throw back a few of these; doesn't matter you decide to go with the pint, bottle, or stein. But I think we all prefer the stein. Na zdraví. Cheers.

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