Thursday, February 14, 2008

Anchor Brewing Co.: Bock Beer

This is the last Anchor I needed to throw (back). I've now officially tasted the full repertoire. I must say I'm impressed all around. Minus the Anchor small (which is 3% alcohol) every beer is very flavorful, satisfying, and tasty.

Specifically, Anchor bock is a rather unique beer. It has a sour flavor. Not quite a sour ale. And not sour as in a spoiled sense but more the opposite of sweet. A pleasant sour. The other prominent flavor is the coffee flavor. It mixes with the maltiness providing a solid body.

Appearance wise, as you can see from the picture that this is quite a dark beer. Definitely darker than most bocks. Especially strange as a bock is technically a lager. But this beer is clearly as dark as any porter or stout. Outer appearance wise, the goat on the label seems weird at first. On further review, it turns out that the animal represents the sign of the Capricorn because Bocks used to only be brewed at the end of winter as a signal of the warmer seasons to come. If you are in San Francisco now you might feel that with this 65 degree whether that winter is already over. If you are stuck somewhere in the cold, you might want to pull up your anchor, head to California, and grab this seasonal brew. Cheers.

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