Saturday, February 16, 2008

Flying Fish: Belgian Style Dubbel

Flight. Dogs. Fish. Apparently, these words are supposed to be evocative of "good beer." I've already reviewed a beer by "Flying Dog" Brewery and a beer by the "Dogfish Head" Brewery. So what combination of these terms is left? Flying Fish. So here we go: Flying Fish Brewing Company's Belgian Style Dubbel.

Belgian beer is a breed unto itself, boasting a variety of genres that really don't fit nicely into general categories. But the dubbel is a classic genre if ever there was one, and Flying Fish's version is certainly respectable, if not particularly novel. The classic caramelly malts, almost nonexistant hops, and subtle hints of sugar, fruit, and earthiness are all present, making this beer pretty tasty. It's fairly thin bodied and has ample (though not by any means excessive) carbonation.

In my opinion and my experience (limited as it may be) American breweries often have trouble replicating genuine Belgian genres. So, for example, I don't think that any American brewery has really put up a witbier that stands up to Hoegaarden, and I don't think I've tasted a belgian amber/ abbey ale that stands up to Leffe. That being said, Flying Fish's offering, while not a standout, is definitely respectable. If you like Belgian ales and want to try something new, pick one up; but if you are looking for the top shelf stuff, stick with an import.

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Mattie said...

Looks likes you have a ways to go:
Laughing Dog Brewing, Sea Dog Brewing, Hair of the Dog Brewing, Fish Brewing Company, Taps Fish House & Brewery, Commonwealth Fish & Beer Company, Elk Head Brewing Company, Nodding Head Brewery and Restaurant
Best of luck.