Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bell's Brewery: Kalamazoo Stout

A while ago when I reviewed Bell's Special Double Cream Stout I said I'd get around to reviewing their Kalamazoo Stout someday. Well, here ya go...

Kalamazoo is the kind of stout that manages to pack a keg's worth of taste into a 12 oz bottle. The beer is fairly hoppy, but what it really hits you with is a ton of malts with the bold and bitter taste of roasted coffee. It is also full bodied and has a slight creaminess, though it's got a fair amount of carbonation which along with the hops gives it a lingering bitter aftertaste. All in all if you like stouts and you have a taste for coffee, then this is definitely one to keep stocked. But if you aren't a fan of big bold and bitter malty coffee flavors, then you might not find it to your liking.

But for me at least this makes Bells 2-for-2 in my book. I'm gonna have to see what other brews they've got to offer.

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