Thursday, October 9, 2008

Budweiser: American Ale

If you've watched any professional football this year you've probably noticed a Budweiser advertisement approximately every 8 minutes. It's not really surprising, as normally there would be about 3-4 Bud Light commercials during any football telecast. What is surprising is that the commercials are for a Budweiser product that is an ale.

Now Anheuser-Busch as a company does produce a variety of ales under different names (i.e. Michelob, Green Valley, ect), but never before under the Budweiser trademark. At least to my knowledge.

So I wanted to give this ale a shot. See what a so called macro-ale tastes like. The beer is an amber ale. So you'll notice the ruby hue to this brew. Not much head or smell. The taste is pretty malty with a caramel after taste. Smooth aftertaste is clearly its best feature. Slightly bitter and very carbonated. Overall not bad. Not surprisingly it is very drinkable. I could easily down about 12 of these if necessary. Which is probably the point; to ease the company's target market of lager drinkers into the flavor of this amber ale. Which is also probably why it's called 'American Ale'. (Then again it could be to confuse the public from the fact that a Belgium company purchased Budweiser).

The beer is not special in any way. But then again it's not bad. And since it's a macro brew its way cheaper due to the mass production. It was 2 bucks cheaper than any other sixpack in the store. So, if you do a price-taste analysis I could see people opting for this beer in a pinch. That's what they should put in those football advertisements: not bad, drinkable, and cheap. Cheers

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Hof said...

I kind of liked it. Liked it enough that my instinctive disdain for Budweiser probably won't keep me from buying it again.