Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Left Hand Brewing Co.: Milk Stout

For being a state of a modest population, Colorado seems to have a lot of breweries that get recognized nationally. Being generally impressed with their offerings thus far, I decided I try one I hadn't had before. And as it's definitely getting cooler around here, I figured it was the right time to get back into dark beers. And you don't get much darker than a milk stout.

This one's pretty thin for a milk stout, which means that you don't get the creamy mouthfeel that you might be expecting. The predominant taste here is a sweetness that I'm having trouble describing. It's not very malty (nor hoppy for that matter). It reminds me a bit of annis, perhaps. It finishes with a dry earthy bitterness.

In sum, I can't say I'm terribly excited. The taste is far from boring, but the odd sweetness followed by earthy bitterness isn't all that pleasant. A rare miss for the mile-high state.

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