Friday, October 10, 2008

Flying Dog: Woody Creek White

I'm a big fan of Hoegaarden, but when it comes to American witbiers, I generally find them lacking. Great White, Blue Moon, and Sam Adams White are all decent, but they all strike me as being a bit lacking in flavor. Well, I'm not sure that Woody Creek quite lives up to the genuine Belgian thing, but in my book it's the best witbier I've tasted yet on this side of the pond.

Woody Creek is a fairly sweet brew. A fruity citrus flavor is present throughout. It's tempered by the distinctive coriander taste unique to witbiers, and while it might be a bit spicier, it definitely is less so than Hoegaarden. It finishes a little dry, which I think is actually an asset here, because otherwise it might be a little bit too sweet. But as it is, it is a very well-balanced and supremely drinkable brew. Definitely a summery beer, however, so I have a feel that I may not be picking up another one for a while.


Mattie said...

Where do New Belgium Mothership Wheat and Allagash White fall into your scale? We had a few of those over the summer.

Hof said...

I've only had Mothership once, so I'll reserve judgment. Allagash, on the other hand, always tastes really good, but I don't know that I've ever done a totally sober tasting.