Tuesday, April 22, 2008

D&G: Red Stripe Jamaican Lager

Now we tend to post on crafts here at 801 on Tap. But of course, once in a while, we're tempted by a sale and take advantage of the situation. My corner bodega is usually a rip off, but when I heard $15 for a 12 pack of Red Stripe, I was sold.

With a light body, soft malty smell, and little flavor, Red Stripe reminds you of American macrobrews but with a with a Caribbean flavor. But I can't quite tell what that is. It's definitely not as crappy as a Bud Light, but it's not quite there next to a Tecate or Caguama. Or maybe it's just that it has a really cool bottle, which despite its small size, still holds 12 ounces.

So basically it tastes like your standard American lager, and is entertaining to drink because of the bottle. I guess that's really it about this beer. For shame. I guess at least it's 4.7% ABV, which makes it stronger than a normal macro. I guess that's one other redeeming thing.

And I guess they have great commercials. What can I say, I'm a sucker for entertaining marketing. It's beer! You're beautiful!

So bust out a Red Stripe when you're not feeling a Bud or a Coors, but want a slight step up in front of your friends without going the whole 9 yards. Your uncultured friends will think you're cool for bringing JAMAICAN BEER, but you'll still have your dignity in that you bought something somewhat unique, though ultimately not as awesome as a Caguama or other American style lagers that just are way more satisfying.

But hey, not a bad advertisement. Hooray, beer!


Mattie said...

I bet you can't wait to get back to CA for a couple of weekends: where beer flows from the fountain of reasonable prices.

Red Stripe Lager
The pride of Jamaica! Excellent with hot Carribean dishes! This very drinkable light beer is terrific any time of the year.

$13.99 +crv

Eef said...

Damn. Yeah, they really tax booze out here, and it's also because the bodega I bought it from charges a premium for being one of the few corner stores that sells beer.

Also, you can't buy booze here after 11pm, and you can't buy neither beer, wine, nor liquor in grocery stores. At least in NY you could buy beer at a supermarket. There's hella strict liquor licensing in Mass.

Hof said...

If liquor laws are hella strict in Mass., then they are hella mad strict in Pennsylvania