Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sudwerk Resturant and Brewery: Maibock

Great lunch before watching The Final Four. A couple of quality brews to drink, anticipation building from the pre-game show on the flat screens, fellow sports fans chugging drinks, and some good food to top it all off. Sudwerk is really a great Davis spot to throw back a couple. Here goes the in between game review:

I went with the Maibock. It's spring time so I figured I'd start with a seasonal that's not around much in local Davis markets before I'd switch to Sudwerk's tasty classics. Overall a couple features to brag about but at the same time nothing much to say.
By far the most redeeming quality is this bock's drinkability. Even more so than TJ's bock which I reviewed last month. Following Maibock tradition we have a lighter hued brew instead of some darker and heartier bocks. For topping out at 7.5% alcohol this beer is surprisingly drinkable and smooth. Easy to sip down and wash away the pork and fries I was munching on. On the disappointing side, this beer doesn't have very many powerful flavors that attack the palate. A kinda bland bock. I was hoping for more, since I love Sudwerk brews (Xtra Pale, Dragonfly, and Marzen especially) and I had gotten some recommendations to try the Maibock when it finally came out. But overall not a bad start to the day. Cheers.

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