Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co: Stout

Who am I kidding? I can't go a month without drinking a beer. Hell, I can barely go a week.

Well that's good for you the reader and that's really good for me too.

Luckily a lot of stores sell single beers these days. So I quickly picked one up: Sierra Nevada Stout. A staple (and not a seasonal) of Sierra that's occasionally overlooked due to the prevelance of the brewery's pale ale, porter, and wheat beers.

First, this is a good looking beer. Take a look at it. ->
Worth admiring.
Great dark center. Amber-brown edges when thinned. And a thick spongy head that looks like a scoop of coffee flavored ice cream, which recedes in time.

The smell is pretty mild but the taste very strong. Main flavor is a fancy bitter chocolate. Similar to 60% - 70% cacao chocolate that you might find in Switzerland. Coffee and malt flavors come through a little. Starts with a bitter aftertaste that eventually dissipates in a smooth feeling on the tongue.
Overall pretty solid. Nothing crazy, but boy am I glad I purchased it. Cheers.


Hof said...

5 points for the bitter swiss chocolate reference

Mattie said...

I'll chalk it.
But yeah, not a sweet chocolate flavor you find in some stouts. More bitter.